In 2010 FRINGEMK once again successfully delivered a comprehensive sequence of Arts and Public Events, which include the ‘Urban Games’ programme and the Project and Faceboard spaces.

The ‘thecentre:mk and Midsummer Place Annual Painting Prize’ and the first FRINGEMK 3D and Anamorphic Pavement Art and Street Painting Competition launched the programme in July 2010, accompanied by a full colour catalogue. The further elements of ‘The Fools Journey’ dance project, ‘Transimage’ [now FEMI] and ‘Glohst’ are all complete.

 Elements of the Urban Games Festival:


Painting Prize

The Painting Prize Exhibition and Awards opened the immense arts activities in the city in July (alongside 'IF2010' and its awards ceremony), combined with the Pavement and Street Painting Festival on 16 July.

The four final winners who shared the overall first prize were Brendan Lyons, Jake Clark, Emma Talbot and Michele Fletcher.

Notably, Brendan made four new commissioned pieces for the final show which have caused a huge reaction in thecentre:mk and from the general public. The winners are fully represented in the catalogue.

3D and Anamorphic Pavement Art Competition, Festival and Commissions

The response from the general public, commercial tenants, artists and sponsors alike has been overwhelming. Our commissioned artist and judge for the competition, Mexican Artist Juandres Vera, produced four large scale anamorphic paintings in the shopping centres which mesmerised the public.

The competitors were

Melanie Stimmel Van Latum [USA],

Peter Westerink and Leon Keer [NL] of Planet Streetpainting,

Alex Rubes [UK],

Meechy [UK],

Lulu Allison [UK],

Lauren Clemmet [UK],

Jonny Boatfield [UK]

Jason Smith [UK].


Examples of their previous works are in the catalogue along with text from Julie Kirk-Purcel of the California Institute of the Arts.

All these artists lived, worked and painted together, in effect not only competing but also creating a street painting symposium for the UK, producing a visually stunning and interactive temporary artwork for the city. 

The balance of the Painting Prize and Pavement Art  Festival worked very well artistically; the exhibits sited alongside each other in the two busiest venues in the region. It has raised the public's opinion of art and artistic practise/talent considerably without compromising artistically.

The overall winner was Milton Keynes based artist Meechy who is another of our lead artists for FRINGEMK 2010. His piece, 'Opposing Views Causing Conflict' won due to its technical difficulty. The piece was a double ended Anamorph which meant it could be viewed as a complete distortion from two separate view points and used 3D technology and paint, so 'leapt out' 3D when seen through Chromadepth glasses.

Click here for the 2010 Pavement Art Festival Facebook Gallery

The Fool's Journey

The Fool's Journey is Annett and FRINGEMK's first dance commission. Aside from the professional dancers, we ran 18 workshops with local schools, clubs and women's groups. The two performances took place in a packed pre-Christmas shopping centre and took the format of a 'professional' performance followed by flash-mob attacks.

Our choreographer and lead dancer, Helen Parlor and Chris Bradley, worked closely with the Artistic Director and author of the piece [Annett], as well as bringing on board international composer Nathaniel Reed to create a spectacular piece. The final team comprised Parlor, Bradley, Annett and Reed, with international dancers, Sioda Martin, Annette Meiltoft, Kate Mason, Dean Reeve and Adam Rutherford. We also included a mentoring element and invited student dancer Michael Naylor to work alongside the professionals.

Oxford based Martial Arts group MAMA worked with the dancers as well as the MK Trampolining Club and this cross-disciplinary engagement has spawned more workshops, projects and sessions and has been really inspirational.

Westbury Farm Studios provided the perfect host, performance, residential and rehearsal space for this project element.

We worked with 18 groups in the region, aged from 5 to 67 years of age (schools, sports clubs, women's and cultural groups) and totalled 430 persons. These groups were taught the flash-mob 'finale' version of the piece and joined in with the professional performances in crowds of over 200 dancers in Midsummer Place shopping centre on 20 November. This was FRINGEMK's first dance commission and has been a phenomenal experience for all involved.

Click here for The Fool's Journey Project Facebook Gallery

Transimage - FEMI

This element was the continuation of our international collaboration with Serbian artistic duo Doplgenger. Ilic and Prostran arrived in the UK for their three week autumn residency for screenings of the 2010 film 'Everyman's Dream' and to develop the networking and R&D phase of the project. The initial outlines and outcomes have been greatly expanded and the project has been re-branded 'FEMI' the FRINGEMK Experimental Media Initiative.

FRINGEMK worked in collaboration with Vagabond Cinema [MK Independent Film] hosting a showcase experimental film night at Westbury Farm. 'Everyman's Dream' had its UK premier at Make a Difference, with a regional and national audience and had several further private screenings. Doplgenger and FRINGEMK Assistant travelled to Yorkshire for various film screenings and meetings with key persons and UK film-makers, notably Julius Amedume, East End Film Festival.

Doplgenger additionally went into sixth-form media, film and arts groups to deliver lectures and screenings based on the ideas of 'copy left' remix and experimental media.

We are very keen to proceed with the next stages of this project with its huge collaborative, creative and international potential.

Please see


This super ambitious project was designed and led by artist Meechy. The invisible, ultra-violet graffiti Treasure Hunt has been a huge technical and artistic success and received tremendous media support regionally.

The MKCitizen, our most popular regional paper, were our partners in the launch, set up as a media hoax with a series of spoof articles, video and YouTube hoaxes about the shopping centres being haunted by a 'Graffiti Glohst'.

The siting of the clues and trail is now established and out there in the real world. It has intrigued and obsessed the players and the winners Ryan and Sara Matthews have announced to the Mayor of Milton Keynes at the final presentation, that they have designed their own hunt!

It is essential to see to gain a full understanding of the depth of the project and see the amazing work, it has full links to all the media articles and YouTube links.

The final closing ceremony for 'Urban Games', which included the awards ceremony for 'Glohst', took place in Midsummer Place with 10 March 2011.