Artist: Annabelle Shelton
Medium: Graphite, watercolour and Acrylic
Contact: annabelle (at) annabelleshelton (dot) com




Annabelle Shelton was born in London [1968]. She studied BA Hons Fine Art at Staffordshire University and Post Grad. Diploma & MA Fine Art, at Birmingham City University in 2001. 

Currently based in Milton Keynes at the FringeMK studios, Westbury Farm, she is an active member, supporting the development of Arts in the region.

Shelton's work focuses on painting, drawing and photography; painting large scale beach scenes on aluminium in watercolour and graphite pencil.  Landlocked in the centre of the UK, Shelton has a fascination for the coastline, not in the sense of natural phenomena but characterised by the impact of capitalism and the modern condition/imposition of 'an order',  Investigating the effects and influences of migration to 'a coastline', in the context of a social geography.  Shelton draws figures floating in a white space often creating semi abstracted circles, clusters and lines of figures bunched together. Recently, she has started to introduce objects and landmarks in the pieces developing the work into a metaphorical stage for the exploration of the dynamics of 'place' from a personal perspective.

In 2010 Shelton was a resident artist at the Aberystwyth Art Centre, Wales, on the University campus, where, she took part in the main gallery show 'Five'.  In the same year she was a selected artist in the John Moore's Painting Prize show at the Walker Gallery in Liverpool. 
In 2011 she had a solo show at the Chapter Gallery in Cardiff. 

Currently, Shelton is an Associate lecturer at Northampton College, in Art and Design and teaches at Camphill in Milton Keynes. She has provided critical text for reviews for A-N Publications. Shelton is represented by the Rarity Gallery in Mykonos, Greece and Bedford Street Gallery, UK. Her work is in many private and public collections internationally.


names of works in order of occurrence:
'Bay Beach' 2010, 'Black Holes at Weymouth' & 'Oasis at Morecambe'