Artist: Tony Bates

My work is concerned with the transformation of the found object through the incorporation of text or images, frequently encapsulated in resin, within the interior space of the object. Some later work uses the medium of stained glass as a more durable replacement for resin, while very recent work is two dimensional, exploring the creative potential of resin used in combination with reflective materials.


Using light as a device to focus attention on the interior space, objects are frequently presented in serial repetition for greater visual impact.

The object suggests permanence, and the images and text, transience - the latter quality enhanced by the use of light.


The main subject area of my 'Fine Art' work is the fragility and transience of the human condition, often in the context of contemporary social or political issues.

The aesthetic quality of the work frequently contrasts with the thought- provoking subject matter.


My Commissions and Public Art focus on different subject matter, but using similar visual devices, to highlight, display and promote the work of the Client.